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smudgy morning
smudgy morning

The snow softly falls outside my window. The garden thermometer is on a picnic bench, lying on its side. Looks like a compass pointing the way to Canada. Maybe I should just leave the thermometer where it is and let the snow cover it up. Then I won’t have to know when it’s forty below.

The day is dawning grey, smudging the horizon between lake and sky. Over breakfast tortilla wraps, Basht says that Hogwarts lunches are no doubt superior to those in his school cafeteria.  

seven steps

seven steps

Greg’s acoustic guitar part to This Light Becomes You merges with the gentle snowfall. Would be an idyllic snowglobe moment if not for the obnoxious wood-blocky metronome cracking its way through the morning vibe.

 Leonard Cohen says there’s a crack in everything.  That’s how the light gets in.  Something like that. 

I believe him.


Greg hits the stop button on the Roland. There is moment of profound silence.
Greg sees me breathe a sigh of relief. He laughs. He asks if he should put the click track into the headphones. OH GOD YES!


The sun is making an entrance.



Snow still gently falling, now to solo acoustic guitar. Nice.  Drifting thoughts greet Eckhart Tolle.

 Greg and I spent 10 weeks in front of this very computer experiencing Oprah and Eckhart’s world wide web “event,” I think she called it.  A New Earth.


Manitoba is that-a-way

Manitoba is that-a-way

The first night of class was fraught with the fits and starts of a sputtering feed. At that point we were wondering if it was all going to work. The technology was so new. But Oprah being Oprah had it solved by week two.


Greg gives his thumb a rest. Tells me about a metronome that you clip to your waistband so you can feel the pulse in your body. Hmmm. 

Could be cool to mic your own heartbeat and send the sound to the monitors.  Use as a drumbeat. Can two people beat their hearts in synch?  Two Ninja mystics? Two Minnesotans? 

Back in college I used to practice euphonium for hours with a metronome. I was pretty sure it was slowing down and speeding up just to mess with my head.


Greg expounding on holomovement

Greg’s off in to David Bohm. Quantum physics. Smashing atoms to release the energy/intention with which they were formed which is the energy of love and compassion. He’s expounding on the holodeck, no … holomovement. Reminds me of something from Brian Tracy’s Maximum Achievement.

That must seem like quite a leap. From Bohm to Tracy.  Look at the cover of Maximum Achievement and it appears to be pretty straightforward, personal growth stuff.  Dig around inside and off you go into metaphysical concepts.  To my way of thinking, metaphysics and quantum physics are sister studies. One sister is a scientist, the other a mystic. There’s a little sibling rivalry from time to time, but they’re both looking at the same landscape. They just like to wear different glasses.

Someone’s calling from the yard.  Back in a sec.




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