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We checked out of our hotel in Mt.Vernon, Illinois. This morning we don’t know what we will find in the aftermath of the ice storm. We just passed a semi in the ditch, but so far this morning, Interstate 57 seems pretty clear. I’llsee if I can figure out how to post photos from the blackberry.

Toying with “sunlight in my soul” this morning. I hope it decides to finish itself in time for the new CD.


We’re getting ready for our Florida journey. Tonight we’re watching the Gators playing a team from OK.

Half time just ended. The score is 7 to 7, Gators are ahead.

I’m learning to use our new mobile communication device so we can keep in touch as we roll down the highway.

Ping has a pretty decent mobile page that is allowing me to post to our journal, blog and social networking sites like myspace, facebook, and twitter.