Cathy DeWitt is one of our bestest friends. We could tell you all about THAT, but it would take several hundred blogs, so we’ll just tell you this one story.

On our last evening in Gainesville, we were driving through UF campus as Cathy’s Sunday afternoon show, Across the Prairie, came over the air on UF’s NPR station, WUFT-FM.  So we were running errands listening to Cathy on the radio and after Cathy’s show ended, we decided to go surprise her on campus so we could see her one last time.

So we are sneaking up to the radio station hoping to catch Cathy as she’s leaving the station. As we’re pulling up, we hear a car honking excitedly behind us.  Looking in the mirror, we realize it’s Cathy following us!  Cathy was headed OFF-campus as we were headed ON-campus, when she noticed our car and got curious about what WE were doing on campus!


Cathy gave me one of her flowers and Greg snapped this shot…


Cathy and Kiki ... when stalkers collide

Cathy and Kiki ... when stalkers collide