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We just uploaded a new song for your listening pleasure. This Light Becomes You was recorded in Rob Rothschild’s studio in Gainesville last week. Cathy DeWitt  graced our song with her smooth harmony vocals. Rob is a wonderful guy to work with…so supportive, great ears and big heart. Rob gave Kiki Grand Marnier to sip while she was recording.  Kiki thinks all recording studios should do that.

We love hearing what you think.  Should This Light Becomes You be on the new CD??

Here’s a link to the tunepak  If you click on this link, a player should open and “this Light becomes you ” should play first.  If you look at the top of the player, near the photo of dancing Light, you’ll see a  LYRICS link.  Click LYRICS to see the words to any song you’re listening to.  There are 21 songs loaded on the player.  This Light Becomes You is not yet available on iTunes, but you can listen to our songs for free on the RN player any time you’d like.

By the way…hands down winner on the photo contest (see previous blog “Peg’s photos“) was #7 the “glam” shot. In second place was #14. Third was a three-way tie between #9 # 10 and #13.  Thanks for your e-mails, calls and comments!

We’re doing a photo session with Randy Batista out on the prairie on Thursday night.  More about that soon!

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January 2021